Yes, you definitely need another magazine for your 300 Blackout rifle. While ordinary 5.56 rifles might get the job done, they are not meant for this caliber and they will rattle inside the mag. In the long run, it may lead to failure to feed issues. 

This is due to the fact that while both look nearly identical -they are two entirely different mags and designed to work with totally different calibers. 

Lancer makes some of the most reliable mags you can get for your 300 BLK rifle. In fact, these magazines are renowned for their toughness and reliability, and they can handle even very rough environments. 

Your L5AWM (Advanced Warfighter) Lancer mag has been purposely manufactured to carry your .300 BLK rounds reliably and safely. You can conduct a round count by the simple expedient of taking a quick look at the mag. Its translucent smoky color makes for an attractive finish and at the same time, enables you to visually check the total firepower available. 

Should you prefer a more traditional look –  you can always purchase a matte black opaque magazine finish. One that will go well with your matte black, OD green or even FDE rifle. 

Why Choose Lancer’s L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazine?

Lancer has equipped their AWM mag with an enhanced internal geometry so that it can stack the long and heavy subsonic .300 Blackout round properly for extra reliable feeding. It also features an improved and upgraded mainspring specifically designed to take the large .300 BLK round and feed it without any FTF issues. Since the follower and the spring stack and raise the rounds properly, you can take faster follow-up shots without worrying about mag-related malfunctions. 

The L5 AWM .300 BLK has been proudly manufactured in the US. It uses a combination of lightweight aluminum, steel, and durable polymer for flawless reliability at the range and in the field. 

It works perfectly well with any AR platform SBR or full-sized rifle as long as it’s chambered for this specific caliber. It will also work fine with other platforms, including the HK416 and the SCAR16. 

Key Features

  • Only .3 lbs. unloaded  weight 
  • Available in Translucent Smoke/Opaque Black 
  • Body constructed of tough, impact-resistant weapon-grade polymer 
  • 30 Rounds Total Capacity
  • Slim body design
  • A constant curving spine for better feeding 
  • Hardened  steel feed lips for greater feeding reliability  
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Equipped with a non-tilt follower 

The Lancer 300 Blackout magazine is the most reliable .300 BLK magazine around. You can always rely on it – both on the range and in the field.