Aero Precision is justly renowned for making some of the best lower part kits available for the AR15 platform. They use components used by the aircraft industry so they understand the importance of zero tolerance for any defects. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more frequently asked questions regarding these great kits:

What Is an AR15 Lower Parts Kit and What Does It Contain?

A typical Aero Precision AR15 lower parts kit is precisely that. That is, a well-packaged bundle of parts needed to finish the lower receiver of your AR15 rifle project. An AR15 lower is the part that houses the trigger assembly as well as most of the other small parts that are responsible for ensuring your AR rifle runs flawlessly, shot after shot. 

Depending on the package you order, your lower parts kit (LPK) and will contain: 

  • A safety selector lever to cycle the gun from safe to fire modes
  • A magazine release catch, button, and spring for rapid and confident chambering and reloading
  • A bolt catch assembly along with a spring, plunger, and roll pin
  • A buffer tube with its detent plunger as well as retainer
  • Buffer retainer spring
  • Main takedown pins and detents 
  • Multiple safety springs with detents
  • Buffer retainer (This part of the LPK is designed to retain the buffer all the time it’s under spring tension after installation in the weapon’s buffer tube)
  • Magazine catch body
  • Pivot pins
  • 4-40 Set Screw for ease of assembly 

Is the Bolt Carrier Group part of the Aero Precision LPK?

No, the BCG is a separate set of components that are not included in the Aero Precision LPK

What else do I need to complete my rifle?

Apart from the lower receiver itself, along with its Aero Precision LPK, you will need a buffer tube and stock mated to a fully completed upper receiver. This ‘upper’ should have a functional BCG, barrel, handguard, and gas system consisting of a gas block and gas tube. 

Finally, you will need an Aero Precision ejection port cover, forward assist, and charging handle. Afterward, you may add a muzzle break and any other accessory you desire to complete your build.

Aero Precision engineers leverage the latest machine tool technologies to create parts and components that are built to last, and function perfectly. 

Finishing your build with an Aero Precision lower parts kit is the best way to create a rifle you will love to shoot and cherish for a very long time.