All rifles require stability for accurate long-range shooting. The slightest movement of the muzzle will automatically translate into a missed shot. In a nutshell, muzzle stability is one of the most important keys to shooting accurately and rapidly. 

This is why many professionals and shooting sports enthusiasts consider bipods an essential part of any hunting or marksman rifle. 

Here it is important to understand that not all bipods are created equal. A flimsy and low-quality bipod will lead to an unstable platform and cause the barrel to wobble every time you take a shot. Using such a bipod is worse than not using one at all. 

However, a high-quality bipod will not only provide you with a rock-steady shooting platform but also ensure that your shots always end up where you aim. 

The Magpul MLOK Bipod: Your Ideal Long-Range Shooting Accessory 

This bipod carries Magpul’s brand name, which in itself, is the ultimate assurance of its quality. The good people at Magpul have pulled out all the stops where their MLOK bipod is concerned and have built it from the ground up with mil-spec 6061 T-6 aluminum. 

It comes with an anodized finish and has been further reinforced with a combination of polymer and steel. This strong bipod has been engineered to handle the toughest recoil. In fact, you can shoot even very hot and powerful loads without fear of missing your target or breaking your bipod. 

The MLOK bipod provides superior ergonomics and superb functionality along with truly exceptional strength to just about any weapon platform. It also offers seamless compatibility with different MLOK slots. It is very easy to install and has been created for the express purpose of providing a perfectly stable environment for your weapon. This is why it is an absolute must-have accessory for everyone interested in shooting accurately as well as for extended sessions at the range, and in the field. 

It features spring-tensioned legs that you can stow forward when you want to store or carry your weapon. You can easily deploy the bipod within seconds by snapping the legs down and locking them in place with only one hand. This bipod offers full compatibility with just about all AR 15 platform rifles. Even though it is incredibly tough, it weighs only 11 ounces. You won’t even feel it is there – till you need it. 

It can pan up to 40 degrees and tilt up to 50 so you can shoot easily and comfortably and with full confidence. While it may be incredibly tough, it weighs a mere 11 ounces.  

It’s too light to interfere with the balance of your rifle, and you won’t feel that it is front-heavy. It is also available in multiple finishes to go with your rifle.  

The Magpul Mlok Bipod is just the accessory you need for your favorite long-range rifle – before you decide to take that shot of your lifetime.