Lancer magazines are justifiably renowned for their reliability and are known to work well in even the toughest operational environments.

The L5AWM Lancer mag has been expressly built to safely and reliably carry the .300 BLK round. It is available in an attractive smoky translucent color. The mag’s semi-transparency allows you to maintain the discretion of a full black mag while simultaneously enabling you to make a quick visual check of the total rounds available in your magazine. It is also available in a matt black opaque configuration if you like a more traditional look in your magazine. 

This magazine features an enhanced internal geometry configuration to stack the long and heavy .300 Blackout round. Its upgraded and improved spring has been specifically designed to take this round without fear of any failure to feed issues. It stacks every round properly so that it feeds reliably in your rifle regardless of how fast you take your follow-up shots. 

The L5 Advanced WarFighter Magazine: The Best Magazine for Your Weapon!

The solid, heavy-duty follower is not prone to horizontal movement and thereby ensures increased feeding reliability. This is why the L5AWM is much more reliable when compared to the more commonly available 5.56 magazines. 

The outer section of the .300BLK magazine has been molded with very distinctive .300 Blackout markings. Lancer added these markings to avoid any confusion with 5.56 mags and ammo. Apart from that, it has also been equipped with a flat dark earth (FDE) colored floor plate for easy identification.

The reasoning for so many identification marks is very simple; the .300 BLK round can be inserted in an AR 15 rifle chambered for the 5.56 round. However, there is just no way the 5.56 AR will be able to shoot the longer and heavier .300 BLK subsonic rounds. Making such a mistake could easily destroy the rifle and injure the operator.  

The L5 AWM has been proudly designed and built in the US. It uses steel, lightweight aluminum, and durable polymer to ensure exceptional reliability in the field.  

This magazine will work with all AR platform weapons chambered for this caliber as well as many other platforms, including the SCAR16 and the HK416. 

Top Features

  • Only .3 lbs. unloaded  
  • 30 Rounds Total Capacity
  • Body made of impact-resistant weapon-grade polymer 
  • Available in Translucent Smoke/Opaque Black
  • Slim body design
  • Hardened solid steel feed lips for reliable feeding 
  • Steel magazine top catch for extra durability
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Equipped with non-tilt follower 
  • A constant curving spine for flawless feeding 

The Lancer 300 blackout magazine and the .300 BLK caliber create an amazing combination for both range and home defense duties. Get yours today!