If you own an AR platform, you know how frustrating it can be to undertake any mods if you don’t have the proper tools. From trying to remove the front sight post retaining pins to swapping your stock foregrip with an M-Lok one. There are just so many modifications you can do with your AR rifle. It is truly the ‘Meccano set’ of the adult world. 

However, anything other than a cosmetic mod typically requires a trip to the friendly neighborhood gunsmith. While turning your AR into an eye-catching race gun may be a good idea, it is not a DIY project. Or is it?

All of this has changed thanks to the Magpul Barrel Extension Vise (BEV). This is an all-encompassing compact little vise block tool that has been specifically made for the M4/AR15 platform.

You can use it to undertake all kinds of assembly operations of your favorite AR build. After all, tinkering with your AR can be a fun exercise and you can do so much. From swapping barrel nuts and trigger groups to changing front sights and the stock, everything is possible – provided you have a stable platform. In fact, just about everything you want to do to your rifle will require a rock-steady platform for high-precision work. 

The Magpul BEV: A Must-Have Tool for All Your AR Platform DIY Projects 

This is why you absolutely need the Magpul BEV in your life. All AR15 owners are aware of Magpul’s line of high-quality accessories for this rifle platform, and the BEV is no different. It engages the barrel extension with steel lugs for a very solid and utterly reliable grip. 

It’s body is constructed from the same polymer as most Magpul AR furniture and other products. To ensure that it never fails, Magpul has added full-length steel support for its body. It has also been equipped with full-length shank support to eliminate any chance of flexing

It provides excellent support for both forged as well as billet upper receivers. While it has steel support, the contact points are made of Magpul’s famous polymer, so it won’t scratch your precious AR. You can even flip it over and use it as a magwell vise block for your lower receiver maintenance work. 

All in all, the Magpul BEV block is an essential part of your AR toolkit. Get one today for all of your AR DIY projects.