The Glock has excellent ergonomics and grip. However, these stellar qualities are neutralized sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances. If you have wet, oily or sweaty hands, you might not be able to grip the weapon correctly. This can lead to not just improper alignment of the sights, but also limp wrist woes. In an emergency, the very last thing you need is a weapon that doesn’t feed or extract properly. 

CYA Supply Glock Grip Tape

This is the part where CYA Supply’s excellent Glock grip tape comes into the picture. It provides exceptional handling and an extremely stable grip that enables you to hold the weapon firmly without any fear of slippage. 

It will help you to keep your grip firm on your weapon even in situations when your hands are slippery with sweat or water.  This tape has been made from state-of-the-art Granulate material to ensure a strong grip and absolute safety that comes with better handling of your favorite Glock. 

The grip tape comes equipped with a very strong adhesive side. This means that the tape won’t easily chip away or become loose at a critical moment.

Tightening Your Wrist

The Glock is universally venerated by LEAs, soldiers and civilians alike for its ease of use, reliability and simplicity. However, like other striker pistols, the Glock is prone to limp wrist-related issues such as FTF and FTE problems. Striker fired pistols may sometimes fail to feed or fail to fire if you don’t have a firm grip on the gun. Your CYA Supply Glock grip tape will be your hedge against all such concerns.  

This grip tape is the perfect combination with your EDC Glock. You can rest assured that you will never have to worry about your Glock slipping out of your hands, regardless of how wet or sweaty they are.

Recoil Reduction 

This grip tape also helps reduce recoil. Heavy felt recoil is often a byproduct of a loose grip and the firmer the grip, the lesser the recoil impulse. Grip tape is one of the least expensive, yet most awesome upgrades you can get for your Glock pistol.