The Magpul MLOK bipod has been constructed of very hard mil-spec 6061 anodized T-6 aluminum. It has been further reinforced with both steel and polymer to handle the toughest recoil from even very high temperature loads. You can depend on the MLOK bipod to provide superb functionality, superior ergonomics, and exceptional strength to your weapon platform.

The Magpul Bipod offers seamless integration with multiple MLOK slots. It has been designed to create that perfectly stable environment for everyone who wants to shoot both accurately and steadily for an extended period of time. 

Why You Need the Magpul MLOK Bipod

This bi-pod has been specifically designed with streamlined storage in mind. You won’t even know it is there until you need to deploy it since it folds very neatly under the barrel, and measures only 2.3 by 3.3 wide when stored. 

It has been equipped with very versatile yet sturdy legs and feet. Its spring-tensioned legs can be stowed forward whenever the bipod is not required. However, you can quickly snap them down and lock them in place with only one hand. 

The legs of the bipod accept most conventional Atlas pattern bipod feet. This way, you can replace them in the field very quickly so that they best match your needs. In fact, you can count on your bi-pod to provide the most versatile shooting platform around.

Your Magpul bipod is fully compatible with the AR 15 platform and its many variants. The MLOK adds tremendous value to that special rifle you love to shoot the most. It will help you to send your shots downrange with incredible accuracy. Its superior ergonomics will provide a rock-steady platform for your rifle so that you will be able to take that shot of a lifetime. 

It can tilt to 50°, pan up to 40°, and has an overall height of 10.3 inches.  While it may be incredibly tough, it is also very lightweight, weighing a mere 11 ounces. You can rest assured it won’t upset the balance of your rifle or make it front-heavy. 

If you want a fully functional yet aesthetically appealing accessory, the Magpul MLOK bipod is just the thing for you!