The Glock is the most popular handgun in the world today. This has a lot to do with its excellent grip and its ergonomics. However, polymer frames and hot weather don’t go well together. Hands slick with sweat can slip and might lead to a missed shot – just when it counts the most.  

Like most other striker-fired pistols, the Glock is also susceptible to limp wristing. A condition in which the gun doesn’t cycle properly, leading to an FTE or a failure to extract the round. Not something you would want happening at the range – let alone in an emergency situation!

Enter the Glock Grip Tape!

CYA Supply’s amazing grip tape will solve all of your sweaty and oily gripping woes. It provides exceptional purchase for a rock-solid grip regardless of how wet and sweaty your hands are when you grip your Glock handgun.  You will be able to hold the weapon with full confidence, secure in the knowledge that it is virtually slip-proof. 

Not only will it eliminate any chance of mishandling your gun, but it will also increase the speed and accuracy of your follow-up shots.  Since you won’t fear your gun slipping out of your hands, you will be able to shoot more confidently than ever before.  It will also help you retain your grip on your weapon when your hands might be slippery because of stress and nervousness. 

This grip tape has been constructed from cutting-edge Granulate material that won’t erode with time. You can rest assured that you will always maintain a really strong and absolutely safe grip every time you unholster your Glock pistol. 

It will also help increase the safe handling of your weapon since you will always remember its texture and feel, whenever you pull out your weapon.  Moreover, it will help reduce felt recoil since the recoil impulse will be absorbed by your firm grip.

The tape has a strong adhesive side, so it won’t become loose and start sliding or chip off at a critically important moment.  This glock grip tape is the perfect accessory for your everyday carry Glock. It will always ensure that your gun won’t ever slip out of your hands, regardless of the heat outside.