The AR15 is prized everywhere for its sheer modularity. It is like an adult version of a Meccano set. You can modify it to your heart’s content – provided that you have the right tools for the job. 

Enter the Magpul Barrel Extension Vise (or BEV as it is more popularly called). This is an absolute must-have device for anyone who wants to work on their AR15 platform rifle. 

Magpul’s BEV is a very handy and compact vise block tool. Basically, it’s an all-in-one instrument that can be used for AR15/M4 assembly operations. With the help of the Magpul BEV, you can easily perform all kinds of operations on your weapon, ranging from barrel nut replacement, all the way to stocks and trigger jobs. In fact, you can use this nifty little vice block for all kinds of work where the weapon has to be absolutely stable and rock steady. The BEV allows you to perform even very delicate and precise tasks such as installing an LPK with ease, without worrying about the stability of the weapon. 

The Magpul Bev: A Needed Item in Every AR15 Owner’s Toolkit

This BEV block is capable of solidly engaging barrel extension with the help of powerful steel lugs. It has a full-length steel support body that has been constructed of the kind of high-quality polymer that has made Magpul products justifiably famous.

It mounts very securely in a vise. Once it has been solidly placed, it is able to provide rock-steady support for both billets as well as forged upper receivers. Since it has the capability of engaging the barrel extensions with heavy-duty steel lugs, you can work with complete peace of mind that you won’t experience sudden slippage. Furthermore, it has a full-length support shank that actively prevents flexing.

 While the steel that makes the BEV has been optimized for maximum durability, you can rest assured that it won’t cause any damage to the barrel extension. Magpul polymer is used to protect your weapon’s aluminum receiver as well as other engagement places that require contact.

You can also turn over your BEV and use it as a mag well vise block for all of your lower receiver assembly and maintenance needs.

Your Magpul BEV block will help you through every AR15 platform rifle you assemble or modify, so make sure it’s part of your toolkit.