The Glock series of pistols consists of some of the most popular handguns in the world. Glock refers to their weapons simply as ‘Glock Perfection.’ These weapons are robust, reliable, and durable. However, their single most endearing feature is their simplicity. The Glock doesn’t have any decocking levers, manual safeties, and other controls that can be difficult to manipulate under stress. 

The operator simply grabs the weapon and starts using it. That’s it! Glocks are also very easy to field strip and clean. Finally, a veritable plethora of aftermarket accessories are available for most Glock pistols. 

The Glock Grip Tape: An Absolute Necessity! 

Using a Grip Tape is arguably one of the best ways of improving perfection. A sweaty hand or a less-than-ideal grip can lead to limp-wristing issues. This problem is fairly common in striker-fired weapons, and it leads to extraction issues. That is, the round does not extract properly, and the gun jams during a shooting session. This is the last thing you would want during an emergency – let alone at the range.   

However, Cya Supply’s awesome Grip Tape will easily eliminate this problem and ensure that you maintain a strong grip at all times. The stress of a match or any other live fire situation can cause your palms to become sweaty, and your weapon might start slipping. However, this Grip Tape will provide exceptional purchase whenever you hold your weapon. 

You can rest assured that you will be able to grip your gun comfortably, irrespective of how sweaty your hands are, when you start a practice session or even a match. This Grip Tape will enable you to hold your Glock with full confidence since it is virtually slip-proof. 

Apart from eliminating most grip-related FTE issues, this tape will also help increase the accuracy and speed of your follow-up shots. Once you are in complete control of the weapon and the recoil won’t affect your grip, you will shoot more confidently. 

Since you won’t fear your gun slipping out of your hands, the results on the target will speak for themselves. You can also rely on it to offset the sweat and weak grip when you are really nervous and facing a life-threatening situation. Moreover, it comes with a very strong adhesive side, so no need to worry that it will start unraveling at a critically important moment. 

This Glock Grip Tape is the ultimate practical accessory for your EDC Glock. You can rely on it to give you a rock-solid grip when the chips are down – and every shot counts for a lifetime.