Today, few people use iron sights as their primary sighting system. Most firearm operators have shifted to ‘shake and wake’ style RDS systems, holographic sights, and a host of other fancy electronic hardware. 

They look at iron sight users with derision – until their electronics stop working. The adhesive holding the mirror might lose its efficacy in a holographic sight, or you might run out of battery power in your RDS. Sometimes, optics fog up, break, or their gas leaks, and they become useless. 

However, iron sights suffer from no such drawbacks. They are not reliant on circuits, glass, batteries, or anything else. Not only would your iron sights never fog over, but they are also practically indestructible.  

These sights are impervious to rain, snow, and rough usage. You can shoot your weapon hundreds of times, and it would have no impact on your iron sights. This holds particularly true if you buy a top-quality set of irons. 

Scalarworks Peak Sights: Quite Simply the Best AR 15 Iron Sights in the World!

Scalarworks have created their iron sights from the ground up to create the most perfect AR 15 iron sights available today. 

Many commonly available AR 15 iron sights have been designed keeping in mind the M16’s long 20-inch sight radius. However, the modern AR 15 rifle usually sports a much smaller carbine-length barrel. Scalarworks’ Peak Sights are designed to work with the 15-inch sight radius of the AR carbine. This is why they will always be inherently more accurate than most of the other  irons out there. 

The front sight is precision CNC machined, and there are no burrs or tool marks. Since it’s entirely flat-faced you don’t need to worry about highlight bias. The rear sight has also been constructed the same way. The flat peep aperture sports a matt anodized finish to eliminate glare and ensure faster target acquisition. 

These sights are milled from weapons-grade 7075-T6 billet and are more durable and lighter than most conventional iron sights. They are also fully adjustable for windage and elevation. The control knobs are smooth and easy to operate with a refined 0.5 MOA per click. You can always rely on these sights to retain their zero even if dropped multiple times. 

When the chips are down you can count on Scalarworks Peak Sights to give you unparalleled accuracy and enable fast follow-up shots – both on and off the range.