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Today almost all AR 15 rifles sport some sort of optics. From holographic sights, night sights and scopes to ACOGs, every AR 15 platform rifle seems tricked out with the latest and greatest.  

However, this doesn’t mean that ‘ye old iron sights’ are passé. On the contrary, AR 15 iron sights are as relevant as they were way back in the 60s.

Optics and other electronics are only as good as their weakest component. If anything goes wrong in the field or at the range, your weapon won’t have any functioning sights at all. 

However, this won’t happen if you have iron sights. Either as backup sights or as the primary sighting system of your weapon, your iron sights won’t ever let you down. Not only are they very easy to zero, but you won’t have to worry about any of the usual stuff that can go wrong with electronic sights. For example, dead batteries, loose wires, connectors, red dots not showing up in bright light, foggy optics and so on.   

Here, the Scalarworks Peak Sights come into the picture. These sights have been built for practicality and ease of usage. Quite simply, these AR 15 iron sights are amongst the finest gun sights currently available in the market. 

Why Choose Scalarworks Peak AR 15 Sights? 

The Peak AR 15 iron sights have been perfectly crafted with cutting-edge technology on precision CNC machinery. They have been engineered from 7075 -T6 Aluminum and 4140H Steel. Both of these metals are some of the lightest yet most durable materials available anywhere in the firearms industry and even beyond. Merged together, they help create a sighting system that delivers extreme accuracy and world-class built quality. 

All Peak AR 15 sights have a highly streamlined profile. The control levers and knobs are exceptionally smooth without burrs or tooling marks. They have also been rounded off so your sights won’t get caught on clothing and gear, and have been finished with a Type 3 Nitrate finish that is almost impervious to wear and tear. 

These sights have milled apertures that are flat and dull-faced, so your eyes won’t intuitively sight distant objects, as is the case with bright apertures. They will retain their zero regardless of how roughly you treat your weapon, both on and off the field. 

It doesn’t matter if you are at the range or participating in a marksmanship competition. You can rest assured that Scalarworks Peak Sights will deliver outstanding results, shot after shot.