Bullet Casing Necklace by The Local Radish


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These necklaces are handmade in Indiana by The Local Radish using various bullet casings and gemstones to create a unique piece of jewelry. Pick one up for yourself and that special someone in your life.
Each necklace is handcrafted in Indiana
Made of Stainless Steel (Obsidian + Snow Flake Obsidian) or Brass Bullet Casings (Goldstone + Orange Aventurine + Tiger’s Eye)
24″ stainless steel chain (Obsidian + Snowflake Obsidian) or 24″ brass chains (Goldstone + Orange Aventurine + Tiger’s Eye)

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Weight 0.25 lbs

Black Obsidian w/ Stainless Chain, Black Snowflake Obsidian w/ Stainless Chain, Goldstone w/ Brass Chain, Orange Aventurine w/ Brass Chain, Tiger's Eye w/ Brass Chain