Maxim Defense Industries 115GR 300BLK – TUI (Tumble Upon Impact) Design – 20 Round Box


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Today’s short barrel rifles excel in close-quarter encounters but sometimes lack the velocities and terminal ballistics that longer barrels have. To address these concerns, Maxim Defense partnered with Fort Scott Munitions to optimize ammunition loads specifically for SBRs. By making these adjustments, as well as including their TUI (Tumble Upon Impact) technology, the Maxim Defense Ammunition ballistic wound cavities exceed the standards of both Expanding and Fragmenting projectiles. The TUI design of the projectiles tumble all the way down to 500 fps.

Incredibly Effective in Defense and Enforcement
In addition to field use, the 300 AAC BLK SCS® (TUI™) represents a smart choice for self-defense purposes. If you prefer a rifle for your defensive peace of mind, this hard-hitting ammunition is definitely for you. Perfect for law enforcement as well, the 300 AAC BLK SCS® (TUI™), with its shocking damage potential and consistent performance, will stop targets with surety to save innocent lives.

Lead-Free and Lethal
300 AAC BLK SCS® (TUI™) rifle ammunition is constructed from the finest quality projectiles, brass, powder and primers to ensure dependable and consistent performance on every expedition. A supersonic round, designed to maximize soft tissue trauma and stop your target fast, this rifle ammo has the weight retention to devastate vital organs. Perfect for stopping thick-skinned targets such as wild hogs, the unique patented shape of the 300 AAC BLK SCS® (TUI™) delivers superb penetration.

The Ultimate in Hunting Ammunition
They can be used wherever lead projectiles are prohibited for hunting or when ethical considerations dictate. You can target game ranging from coyotes and hogs, all the way to larger deer and predators with complete confidence, thanks to the terminal performance and lethal kinetic energy of the 300 AAC BLK SCS® (TUI™). These bullets have the ballistic properties to ensure you get the most from every squeeze of the trigger.

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