Sharps Bros. JACK9 Lower Receiver – Glock Magazine Compatible


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This is our pistol caliber version of The Jack, now updated to the Gen2 styling. Glock magazine fed. Available as the AR-15 lower that is compatible with most AR15 pistol caliber uppers chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W or .357 SIG.

With the Gen2 Jack9 we also improved the mag well, beefed up the ejector/magazine stop (and made it adjustable via set screws, to accommodate slight geometry differences across different types of ‘Glock’ mags) and switched to a threaded screw instead of a pin for the mag lever.

The Gen2 Jack9 also has provisions for LRBHO (last round bolt hold open). Now there are a number of amazing firearm platforms that don’t include LRBHO, HK’s MP5 is a classic example. Ever hear of anyone complaining about their MP5 not holding the bolt back on an empty mag? Me either. Personally I go without it on my PCC builds, mainly because I think of the extra LRBHO parts as potential failure points, and I like to keep additional mechanical features to a minimum. Now that said, I understand people want it sometimes, for personal preference or for competition use, so the receiver has been machined so it can accept this (<— click link) LRBHO lever from our friends at Angstadt Arms (~$15, sold separately). If you buy their LRBHO lever, consider getting the lightened bolt catch spring they sell as well.

I’m also asked which uppers and upper parts I recommend for the Jack9. Our SBUR03 upper will work well and look great but if you want an off-the-shelf built upper to go with your Jack9 lower, take a look at the Angstadt Arms uppers listed here (<— click link). They are very nice and work really well with our Jack9 lower.

Lastly, occasionally people want a spare magazine stop / ejector. This is the one we use on the Jack9. If you need a spare or a replacement for whatever reason, click that link to find it.

— J Sharps

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