STREAK Visual Ammunition – 180 Grain 40 S&W – 20 rounds/box


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STREAK is one of the most technologically advanced ammunition to hit the market in decades. Unlike conventional tracers, STREAK rounds are NOT an incendiary, they don`t use burning metals to generate light. Replacing fire-hazard burning metals is a non-flammable phosphor material that utilizes the light emitted during the discharging of the round to make STREAK glow. STREAK does NOT generate heat, making STREAK rounds safe to use in environments where traditional tracers are prohibited and can be a serious fire hazard.

Patented technology allows the shooter to keep a visual on the projectile’s path toward its target
Next Generation, non flammable visual tracer-style ammunition – because it is not an incendiary round, it’s safe for both indoor and outdoor use
Features HyperClean Technology – up to 50% less cleaning time
Increase shooting enjoyment and accuracy

Caliber:  .40 S&W
Bullet Type:  Total Metal
Bullet Weight:  180 Grain
Muzzle Velocity:  958 fps

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