Wolf Performance 122GR 7.62×39 – 20 Rounds/Box


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These 7.62×39 Wolf cartridges are made in Russia and deliver a great shooting experience in SKS or AK pattern rifles at a low cost. Like Wolf’s other offerings, this ammo uses a bimetal jacketed bullet and coated steel casings. While not reloadable, the steel cases help keep production costs down and result in the low price you see here. The bimetal bullets mostly perform the same as copper/gilding jacketed bullets, but do have some magnetic properties. Not all indoor ranges allow magnetic ammo, so make sure to check first before ordering. Alternatively, head to an outdoor range and blast away to your heart’s content.

Manufacturer:  Wolf
Caliber:  7.62 x 39
Rounds/Box:  20
Bullet Type:  FMJ
Primer Type:  Berdan
Muzzle Velocity:  2396 fps
Muzzle Energy:  1556 ft/lbs.

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