The world today has increasingly shifted to electronic optics and targeting systems. This holds true for the AR platform more than other weapons systems. However, all these gadgets are only as good as their circuits and batteries; if anything conks out, you will be in a tight spot.  

This is why iron sights have a lot going for them. They don’t fog over, don’t need batteries, are not reliant on complex circuits, and are practically indestructible. 

Scalarworks Peak Sights: The Personification of Simplicity and Reliability

The good people at Scalarworks have, as they put it, “left no part untouched and no stone unturned” to create the perfect iron sight. 

The trouble with most AR 15 iron sights is that they have been designed with the M16’s 20-inch sight radius in mind. This is not suitable for a carbine-sized rifle. 

Scalarworks’ front sight post has been designed around a 15-inch sight radius. It has been CNC machined with a very high degree of precision. It is entirely flat-faced, which helps in eliminating highlight bias.  The same applies to the rear sight as well. The peep aperture is completely flat and has a matte finish, unlike the traditionally scalloped apertures found in most common AR 15 platform sights. 

Aiming the Right Way 

While a smooth trigger pull and controlled breathing count a lot, lightweight sights also play their part. Once again, ScalarWorks sights are better than other sights because they are milled from cutting edge 7075-T6 billet. This makes them both stronger and lighter than other sights. And of course the lighter your weapon, the easier it is to aim. These sights help create a rock-steady shooting stance that won’t weigh you down when you are taking that shot of a lifetime. 

Zero Your Sights for Greater Accuracy

You will have to zero your sights properly to hit where you aim. Peak Sights are fully adjustable for both elevation and windage. They come equipped with a refined 0.5MOA/click that doesn’t lose its zero even when the rifle is dropped. 

You can rely on Scalarworks Peak Sights to give you unparalleled accuracy, both on the range and in the field.