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“One can never have too much ammo,” goes the age-old adage. This holds particularly true for individuals who carry weapons for self-defense. 

In case you have to use your weapon to defend yourself, you will want to make sure that it doesn’t run dry, under any circumstances. One of the best ways of ensuring that is to carry multiple magazines. 

If you are used to carrying the Sig Sauer P226, you will want to always carry a few extra mags with you. These 100 percent original Sig Sauer magazines are designed to fit the combat-proven P266 chambered for the 9x 19 caliber round. As for the P226 itself, it has been the trusted sidearm of one of the world’s most elite units for many years: the US Navy SEALs. Apart from that, it has also been used by law enforcement and military units worldwide. 

These magazines are made from steel and are largely impervious to rust and other forms of corrosion. Rest assured they will last a long time, especially if they are loaded correctly and rotated every few months. 

Loading the Sig Sauer P226 Magazine

Unlike a revolver, a pistol magazine is considerably harder to reload, and sometimes it is very difficult to force in those last few rounds. However, you can do the job easily enough with the help of a speed loader. There are plenty of universal and custom speed loaders available for the popular Sig 226 platform magazines.  

These loaders use their mechanical advantage to aid in the loading process. Not only does the process become considerably easy and smooth, but it is also a blessing for your thumb and nails. 

Speed loaders are particularly beneficial for new magazines with very stiff springs. You can use them to give your exhausted thumbs and fingers a rest. Apart from that, you can load the magazine a whole lot faster too. All you need is a bit of practice, and you are good to go. The more magazines you load with a speed loader, the easier it will become. 

Such loaders are extremely easy to use, thanks to the smooth loading characteristics of these Sig P226 magazines. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you use a loader, or prefer to load by hand, your Sig magazine will always remain extremely reliable. The original sig p226 magazine is what you should have with you – if you ever must face the gravest extreme!