Lancer magazines are known all over the world for their durability and reliability. These rugged magazines work flawlessly in just about every operational environment and don’t break easily, even when dropped.  

The L5AWM Lancer mag has been expressly built to carry the large and powerful .300 BLK round safely and reliably. It is available in an attractive smoky translucent color. The mag’s dark colored semi-transparency allows you to keep the visual discretion of a regular black mag. At the same time, it also enables you to visually inspect the total rounds that are available in the magazine at any given point in time. It is also available in the more traditional opaque black offering too.  

This magazine features enhanced internal geometry to stack the long and heavy .300 Blackout round. Its improved spring has been specifically designed to take the .300 caliber round without fear of any failure to feed (FTF) issues. It also stacks rounds properly so that every round will feed reliably in the rifle, even when you take very fast follow-up shots. 

The L5 AWM: Just What You Need for Your Rifle!

It features a rock-solid, heavy-duty follower that blocks all horizontal movement for enhanced feeding reliability. This is one of the crucial factors that make the L5AWM much more reliable than many other magazines available today.  

Its external section has been molded with .300 Blackout markings, so the user won’t confuse this mag with a regular 5.56 mag. It also features an FDE or Flat Dark Earth finish floor plate for further ease of identification.

This magazine is perfectly capable of working with all AR rifles as long as they are chambered for the .300 BLK round. It can also be used in the HK416 and the SCAR 16. 

Key Features of the L5AWM

  • Made of impact-resistant weapon-grade polymer 
  • It weighs a mere.3 lbs. unloaded  
  • Very slim body design
  • Steel feed lips for better reliability  
  • Available in Opaque Black and Translucent Smoke finish 
  • 30 Rounds total capacity
  • Steel magazine top catch to ensure long-term durability 
  • Non-tilt follower so that the rounds always remain nose up
  • A consistent curving spine for enhanced feeding reliability  

The Lancer 300 Blackout Magazine is the ideal magazine for your .300 BLK caliber rifle. You can always depend upon it at the range as well as for home defense applications.