The AR 15 platform is not so much a standalone rifle as the sum of its parts. Unlike many other military rifle platforms, the true utility of the AR 15 lies in its amazing modularity. You can literally swap everything in it and turn a simple commercial-spec mass-produced rifle into an extremely accurate and ergonomic combat customized precision weapon. 

The AR 15 platform is a true reflection of your personal likes and preferences. However, cosmetics aside, it’s the functionality of the weapon that is of paramount importance. All the fancy foregrips, stocks, and scopes won’t be of any use if the rifle starts to malfunction. Hence, the importance of high-quality parts, specifically the little pins and springs that are so important for the smooth running of your rifle.

A durable and dependable lower parts kit (LPK) is an absolute necessity for the functional reliability of your weapon. It will also give you a very consistent trigger pull. Finally, you will need to install a lower parts kit that is not susceptible to wear and tear, regardless of how many range sessions you enjoy with your rifle. 

The Aero Precision Advantage!

If you are looking for an LPK with all of these features – Aero Precision is your best bet. Their AR15 lower parts kit sets the bar for the highest possible quality. These LPKs are precision engineered for long life and rock-solid performance. All Aero Precision LPKs have been made to exacting tolerances to ensure a very long service life. In fact, the odds are that your AR 15’s Aero Precision manufactured LPK might even outlast the bolt and barrel of your rifle.  

Aero Precision has many years of hard-earned experience in creating the perfect kits for your highly customized  AR15 platform.* 

The superior quality of their products should not be surprising since the company has been working in the aerospace industry for a long time. When building stuff designed to defy gravity, there is no margin of error. The company uses the same approach for building AR 15 rifles.

They use cutting-edge technology to constantly push the envelope and develop new processes to create the perfect product. They have their own in-house state-of-the-art tool shop that uses the very latest machinery and technologies to create their components. 

Quality control is the beating heart of the Aero Precision experience. They don’t just assemble parts, but actually create them, from the raw materials – all the way to the finished product. While looks are certainly important, the company aims to manufacture products that will look and feel great, both in terms of handling as well as performance. This is why they have adopted a holistic approach to the production process to ensure that the assembly line follows the highest production standards. 

If you want to equip your AR15 rifle with the best LPK out there – you need to look no further than the aero precision lower parts kit.