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The Glock pistol has become a symbol of reliability all over the world. In fact, some have gone so far as to call the Glock a ‘boring’ pistol. After all, it shoots and shoots and shoots. No issues at all, as long as it’s fed a steady diet of quality ammo designed for its specific caliber.

This is why not only the US Special Forces, but the FBI and other federal agencies have also chosen the Glock 19 as their weapon of choice. It makes perfect sense because the Glock is justly renowned the world over for its rugged simplicity, ease of operation, and durability. 

However, it is possible to improve on perfection. You can do that with the help of the Glock 19 OEM threaded barrel. Not only is it more accurate than a regular barrel, but also more durable too.  

Many pro-shooting sports enthusiasts have reportedly shot this barrel 70,000+ times without any noticeable opening of the groups. In fact, Glock itself states that its gen 5 OEM barrels can manage 4-inch groups at 50 yards. This has a lot to do with its all-new rifling profile that has gone a long way in making this a phenomenally accurate barrel. 

Glock 19 OEM Gen 5 Threaded Barrels

These barrels have been designed to shoot the 9×19 Luger rounds with an extremely high degree of precision. Another key advantage of the threaded barrel setup is that it can be used to work with a whole range of compensators and suppressors.  

While a Glock’s low bore axis has very low felt recoil, any compensator you attach to it will decrease it even further. This way, you will be able to get back on target faster than ever before. You can also attach a suppressor to it or a muzzle brake. A threaded barrel opens multiple opportunities for accessorizing your favorite carry weapon. 

If you want to customize your pistol, the Gen 5 Glock 19 threaded barrel is the first place to start. It is not just a good-looking or ‘tacticool’ upgrade but a highly functional device in its own right. Apart from enhancing the accuracy and the durability of your weapon, you can use it as a base for further accessorizing your Glock 19 pistol.

The Glock 19 threaded barrel OEM gen 5 is the one upgrade you absolutely need if you want to increase your speed and accuracy.