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Radcolube® CLP Gun Oil


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Radcolube® CLP Gun Oil 3 in 1 has been trusted by the U.S. Military since 2017 for their firearms and is now available for the general public Radcolube® CLP Gun Oil 3 in 1 is a firearm cleaner, lubricant and preservative which excels in all 3 fields.

 BENEFITS OF 3 IN 1 GUN OIL - CLEANER - Formulated to keep small and large caliber weapons performing in the harshest conditions. Exceeds U.S. Government CLP military specifications, approved for use in extreme encironments including cold, salt, and dust. LUBRICANT - Helps weapons perofmr continuously at maximum firing rate without incident. Proven in extreme conditions with a fire rate of 650 rounds/minute with zero stoppages. PRESERVATIVE - Trusted by the U.S. Military and approved by the U.S. Government to keep their weapons battle ready. Let Radcolube® CLP GUN OIL help protect your weapon.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 1 in

2 oz. Needle Applicator, 6 oz. Pump Sprayer


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