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Archon Firearms REAL 8 Night Sights (AFR8) – For Glock-Patterned Firearms + Type B


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Introducing the new Archon Firearms Real 8 Night Sights (AFR8). Available factory installed on the Type B, these AFR8 sights are also available for individual purchase.

The AFR8s are machined from billet steel and coated in black nitride to withstand the harshest conditions. They feature tritium inserts centered in the front and rear sights for the quickest low light sight acquisition. The vials are guaranteed to glow for 12 years from the date of the original manufacture, and are currently only available in green.

The AFR8s will fit any firearms that accepts Glock sights, including the Type B pistol. Excluding the 12 year half-life of the tritium insert, the AFR8s are backed by the same lifetime guarantee as all Archon products.

Green on Green
Lifetime warranty

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