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Dead Air Silencers – KeyMo – OMEGA


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Expand the modularity of your Dead Air Nomad-30, Energetic Armament Vox-S or SilencerCo® Omega. Converts the Nomad and Vox-S from direct thread into a QD system. If you’re one of the many owners of a SilencerCo® or Omega and have ever longed for a simpler and more reliable mount, your salvation is here. The Key-Mo™ also gives your SilencerCo Omega a much-needed upgrade. Simply unscrew your existing mount, and thread the Key-Mo on. Your silencer is now compatible with the Dead Air Key Brake and Flash Hider – giving you the best mounting system in the industry.

Works with the Dead Air Nomad-30, Energetic Armament Vox-S and SilencerCo® Omega suppressors.
Finish: Nitride and Cerakote®
Mount: Key Brake, Flash Hider

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