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Forward Controls Design – NVTS (Nautilus Variable Timing System) – (1/2×28)


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NVTS (Nautilus Variable Timing System) is a muzzle device timing system developed by Swiss CNC, with design input from Forward Controls Design.  We don’t usually use abstract names for our product names, in this case, the shape of the timing mechanism bears an uncanny resemblance to the marine cephalopod, we think it’s an apt name and description of this marvelous invention.

NVTS consists of 2 interworking components: a base and a disc.  The base has 12 tick marks, each tick mark corresponds to an hour on the clock, or 30 degrees. NVTS is shipped set to 0 degree, with the arrows on the disc and base aligned.
* With the muzzle pointed forward, place NTS on the barrel with the tapered end facing the muzzle’s shoulder, hand tighten the muzzle device on the barrel to determine the number of degrees required to time it.
* Dial in the amount of timing required.  For example: if the muzzle device’s center slot/port points to 10 o’clock after it’s been hand tightened with NTS installed, back out the muzzle device and NVTS, remove the disc from the base, rotate the disc to the right by 2 tick marks to add 2 hours to bring the center port from 10 to 12 o’clock, then rotate the disc to the right by one more tick mark to account for torqueing the muzzle device 20 to 30 ft·lb.
* Do not exceed 35 ft·lb. Excessive amounts of torque can affect accuracy and cause damage to the barrel extension.
Precision machined in 4140, with Swiss CNC developed, patent pending QPQ process which provides superior protection against salt spray corrosion, makes the material malleable, durable but not brittle.  Tensile strength:148,000 PSI, hardness of 48-52HRC.  NVTS is reusable.
Length: 0.161  +0.003/-0.000 minimum, set to 12 o’clock, or 0 degrees.  0.194  +0.003/-0.000  maximum, set to 11 o’clock, or 330 degrees,
NVTS (patent pending) was developed and manufactured by Swiss CNC in Montgomery, TX, with input from Forward Controls Design on ergonomics and user friendliness.
Proudly designed and made in USA.

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