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The Glock 9mm 33-Round Magazine is the answer when your standard 15 round capacity magazine isn’t enough. It fits on all double-stack 9mm Glocks with perfect fit thanks to it being a Factory original magazine.

It is made out of the impact-resistant Polymer the same material that is tested and known for its superb durability in all standard Glock magazines that will serve you many years to come.

It contains numbered witness holes on the back of the magazine that provides quick counting of the remaining rounds.

The spring inside the magazine is purposefully made tough to ensure longevity of smooth feeding of round and requires to be worn out a little by loading and unloading a couple of times to ensure continued smooth loading of the magazine.

The Glock

Is the tested and reliable choice of many law enforcement and military units across the globe for its simplicity, high capacity and ease of use while lasting many years of service life.

The Glock Made its way into the United States in 1988 when law enforcement needed it the most against gang violence where they had much higher bullet capacity guns. The Glock’s large capacity and light body gave it advantages over other available guns and today it kept its root traits and developed upon them even further by providing one of the best safety mechanisms, smooth trigger and superb durability this is the pistol of choice for many civilians and law enforcement units.

All in all, this magazine is a significant but rather cheap upgrade to your magazine capacity that will prove its usefulness in many situations like home-defense when you need to worry more about shooting and less about reloading in high stress situations, however it is also a quality-of-life improvement even when used on shooting range since it means more shooting and less reloading.

Comes in Black, Flat Dark Earth(FDE) and Olive Drap Green(OD)
*OD and FDE comes with an orange follower.

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Weight 0.5 lbs

Black, FDE, OD Green




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