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Henry Big Boy Revolver – .357MAG / .38SPL (H017BDM)


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As the perfect companion to ride alongside Henry’s world-famous Big Boy rifle or as the star of its own show, the Big Boy Revolver is a classically styled six-shooter fully capable of bringing the Henry name into the wild world of wheel guns with the same attention to detail and American craftsmanship you know and love. This model is equipped with a compact Birdshead-style grips for better concealment. The Big Boy Revolver is a traditional double-action handgun that looks right at home on the shelf of a Wild West general store. Borrowing design cues from its long gun brethren, the Big Boy Revolver touts highly polished blued steel throughout the medium-sized frame, quick-release cylinder, and 4” barrel. In addition, genuine American walnut grip panels are affixed to both sides of a mirror-like brass trigger guard that’s visible around the grip to the top of the backstrap.

At about 34 ounces, these revolvers carry easily yet shoot softly with a smooth pull and hammer drop in double action and a crisp break in single action. A traditional revolver sight picture is achieved with a fixed notch cut directly into the frame and a ramped blade front sight, of which three sizes are included for regulating the point of aim to match the point of impact. Like its rifle counterpart, a transfer bar safety keeps the firing pin from striking a loaded chamber unless the hammer is cocked back and the trigger is squeezed.

From full-house .357 Magnum loads for hunting to light .38 Special target loads for easy plinking, the Big Boy Revolver will eat all you can feed it. So whether shooting for fun or meat, having your long gun and sidearm chamber the same cartridge is convenient — that’s Cowboy Logistics at its finest.As the first-ever revolver under our belt, serious collectors and connoisseurs of the Henry mark will relish the opportunity to add both variants to their safe. Modern design features with historically consistent style have always been our hallmark, and the Big Boy Revolver is no exception.

Model #: H017BDM
Caliber: .357 Magnum/.38 SPL
Capacity:  6 Rounds
Barrel Length:  4.0″
Barrel Type: Round Blued Steel
Rate of Twist:  1:16
Overall Length:  9″
Weight:  34 oz.
Receiver Finish: Polished Blued Steel
Rear Sight:  Fixed Notch
Front Sight: Screw-On Post
Stock Material:  American Walnut
Safety:  Transfer Bar
Best Uses:  Target/Hunting/Collector
Embellishments/Extras: Interchangeable High/Medium/Low Front Sights

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Weight 5.0 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 4 in


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