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Designed for the ultimate in AR performance, the HIPERTOUCH Competition (formerly 24C) is HiperFire’s most popular trigger. It has virtually no take-up or pre-travel and is overall very smooth. It has adjustable pull weights and can be installed without the removal of the safety.

Cam-Over Toggle Engine™

  • Very Hard Hitting Hammer
  • Soft-Start Lock-Up™ for Pre-Ignition Stability
  • You-Adjust Pull Weights of 2½ and 3½ lbs.
  • Straight Trigger Bow

HIPERSHOE® Finger Pad Revolution™

  • Changes the Trigger Lever Length for Fine Weight Adjustment
  • Changes the Trigger Lever Length to Further Adjust Pre-Travel
  • Position Your Finger in the Same Place Every Time
  • Reduces the Perception of Trigger Weight Still Further

Semi-Auto Single-Stage
Crisp, Clean, Trigger Break
Very Short Over-Travel
Very, Positive Reset You Can Feel and Hear

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