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While the AK is a great platform, and definitely a competitor against the AR for top MSR in the United States, it is not a high precision design. Unfortunately, the AK platform is not know for parts interchangeability. Simple things like swapping triggers or safety selectors from one AK to another is nearly impossible if they are of two different manufacturers. While we may not be able to solve every issue across the board, we can definitely help when it come to triggers! Introducing the new HIPERFIRE AK Selector. When it comes to buying an aftermarket trigger, especially one as awesome as HIPERFIRE, it can be a real bummer to find out that is won’t work in your firearm! One of the main issues we found when it comes to aftermarket trigger fitment in the AK platform is that the safety selector doesn’t always contact the trigger properly. This can leave you with a safety that wont engage because it hangs too low and won’t switch to safe, or the safety is too high and the firearm will shoot on safe. Most trigger manufacturers try to solve this issue by adding a pin or screw in the back of the trigger, or by making the back of their trigger taller and telling you to grind or file the trigger for fitment. Our safety selector is US Patent Pending and utilizes a shorter body, and a built-in adjustment screw to accommodate any range of trigger/safety fitment issues. We highly recommend using a HIPERFIRE AK trigger in your firearm, but whether you do or not, this safety selector could be the solution for many trigger fitment woes you may experience! Try one today!

Works with almost any AK trigger and receiver combination. HIPERFIRE, the other guys, or stock. (Clearly you’re here because that choice is easy.)
Shorter inner body to solve situations where the selector is too close to the trigger.
Built in set-screw for easy adjustability. This solves situations where the selector is too far from the trigger and prevents proper safety function when on safe.
No more set-screws or pins in the trigger, or grinding on the trigger itself (because no one wants to grind on their brand new toys).
Extended “shelf” on the lever for ease of operation.
Black Oxide finish.

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