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Kalashnikov USA™ KR-103SFS w/Side Folding Stock + Optic Side Rail – 7.62x39mm


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Based on the Russian AK103, the KR-103 is our semi-automatic rifle 100% made in the US. This gas-operated rifle comes with a 16.33 inches chrome-lined, button-rifled barrel. It is chambered in 7.62x39mm and feeds with a 30 round magazine. It has a forged trunnion, a forged carrier, side optic rails, and an improved muzzle brake.

KR-103 SFS is a dependable, robust, and high-performing rifle made to give you the best experience of an AK. It is a built to last rifle with the reliability of Kalashnikov USA™.

Great care has been taken to design and build the KR-103 according to the original Russian specifications. As a result, the KR-103 duplicates the incredible ruggedness and reliability that have made the AK-47 and AKM platforms the most prolific firearm in the world with over 100 million having been manufactured.


Side Folding Stock
Button Rifle Barrel
Forged Trunnion
Forged Carrier
Side Optic Rail
Chrome Lined
Cleaning Rod
Approx. 7.9 Lbs
36.75″ OAL
16.33″ Barrel Length

KR103 SFS is the US version of the Russian AK103, perfected in features and finish by Kalashnikov USA™ using the most advanced and innovative technology. We have gone to great lengths to ensure authenticity with the original Russian specifications while using US-made parts and materials, assembled by American workers in the USA. The latest technology and engineering ensure you put your hands on a highly reliable and sturdy rifle.

Ready to shoot, the KR-103 SFS checks all the boxes of being a highly dependable and high-performing rifle. The durable polymer finish looks classic and lasts a lifetime. The chrome-lined hammer-forged barrel ensures a lifetime of accuracy and a negligible failure rate. With all these features, the KR-103 SFS makes for a perfect rifle for any occasion.

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Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 10 × 4 in


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