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KRISS Vector Gen II SDP w/SB Tactical SBA3 – 10MM

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The KRISS Vector in 10mm greatly expands the weapon system’s versatility and is now a viable option for hunting, in addition to being more rounded for personal defense and competition shooting, thanks to the wide variety of projectile weights and the high velocity nature of the 10mm cartridge. Additionally, the patented KRISS Super V System is a perfect fit for the 10mm auto as it channels the powerful energy of the cartridge to reduce muzzle rise and keep the shooter on target. This model is finished in OD Green Cerakote (factory-applied).
Innovative KRISS Super V System

  • This system uses an innovative nonlinear operating system that directs energy down and away from the shooter’s shoulder to dramatically reduce felt recoil and muzzle climb.

Extremely Low Bore Axis

  • An extremely low bore axis compliments the KRISS Super V Recoil Mitigation System by aligning the barrel with the user’s arm allowing the user’s body to work in conjunction with the KRISS Super V System for maximum control.

Glock™ Magazine Compatible

  • The KRISS Vector is designed to use the reliable and ubiquitous standard Glock™ magazines allowing compatibility across different platforms. This firearm comes with 2 KRISS extended 33 round Glock 20 magazines.

Threaded For Attachments

  • The KRISS Vector SDP comes with a standard threaded muzzle for the option of attaching your favorite muzzle device or suppressor.

SB Tactical SBA3

  • This KRISS Vector SDP is equipped with the SB Tactical SBA3 brace for added stability. This feature is easily swapped for the Vector’s own quick-detachable sling point. Ours is equipped with a Woodland Camo inspired Splitfix strap from Lunar Concepts.

Flip Up Iron Sights

  • KRISS Defiance Flip Up BUIS add value and usability straight out of the box.

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