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Primary Weapon Systems UXR – 16″ Barrel w/ FRC Comp – .223 Wylde (223REM/556NATO)


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Introducing the Primary Weapon Systems UXR – a groundbreaking advancement in contemporary firearms. A true catalyst for change, the UXR seamlessly marries innovation with adaptability, echoing the wisdom of “beware of the man with only one rifle.” Drawing inspiration from diverse influences, this rifle is not just a firearm; it’s a dynamic platform poised to evolve and expand in response to the ever-changing demands of firearms technology.


Barrel Xchange System: An innovative barrel exchange system enabling users to switch between calibers and barrel lengths seamlessly such as .223 Wylde, 308 WIN, and 300 BLK, with new options coming in the future.
Modified Long Stroke Piston System: Renowned for reliability and reduced fouling, the UXR retains a similar long-stroke piston system like other legacy PWS products, but improved upon and engineered specifically for the UXR.
Bore Evacuator: The innovative bore evacuator ensures superior safety and performance by efficiently directing propellant gases away from the shooter and down the barrel.
Precision-Engineered Ambidextrous Receiver: Crafted from a single piece of 7075-T651 aluminum and hard anodized type III Class 2 Mil-Spec 8625 coating for durability, the ambidextrous receiver ensures a rigid platform.
Ambidextrous buttstock: Folding buttstock with cheek and length of pull adjustments. Configurable to either left or right-side folding. Mounted using an industry standard 1913 picatinny rail attached to the trigger housing.
Adjustable Gas System: 3-position adjustable gas system including a dedicated suppressor setting.
.223 Wylde Chambering: Meticulously designed for outstanding accuracy and reliability, accommodating both .223 Remington and 5.56mm NATO.
PWS FRC Compensator: A newly introduced compensator contributing to superior recoil management and reduced muzzle rise, enhancing overall shooter control.
MLOK Handguard: Fitted with a MLOK handguard that can be switched out for shorter lengths depending on the barrel and caliber used.
41V50 1/8 Twist Barrel: The rifle features a 41V50 steel barrel with a 1/8 twist rate, striking a harmonious balance between durability and maneuverability, ensuring consistent and accurate shot placement.
Lightweight: standard configuration weight starts at 7.9 lbs

The XChange System:

The PWS UXR revolutionizes the firearms landscape with its innovative XChange system, empowering users to seamlessly adapt their rifle to meet diverse needs. This groundbreaking system enables a swift caliber change by simply switching the barrel, magwell, and bolt. The UXR launches with available chamberings in .223 Wylde, 300 BLK, and 308 WIN, offering users the flexibility to tailor their rifle to specific requirements. Unlike other modular rifles in the market, the UXR is committed to accessibility; caliber exchange kits are priced reasonably and readily available, ensuring that users can unlock the full potential of their rifle without breaking the bank. As the UXR expands its caliber offerings and barrel lengths in the future, it promises a level of versatility that transforms the shooting experience, setting a new standard for modular rifle platforms.

Ambidextrous Receiver:

At the heart of the UXR rifle, a testament to precision engineering unfolds with the meticulously crafted ambidextrous receiver. This single-piece marvel stands as the keystone of the entire XChange platform, symbolizing a commitment to excellence. Forged from 7075-T651 aluminum, renowned for its strength and durability, the receiver undergoes a meticulous anodizing process, further enhancing its resilience. Beyond being a core structural component, this ambidextrous receiver is the serialized nucleus of the rifle, establishing the foundation for the UXR’s adaptability and performance consistency. The ambidextrous design not only caters to the needs of both left and right-handed shooters but also reflects a dedication to user-friendly versatility. In every detail, from its construction to its functionality, the ambidextrous receiver embodies the ethos of the UXR—a platform that prioritizes quality, durability, and innovative design at its very core.

Ambidextrous Trigger Housing

The UXR stands out with its innovative ambidextrous trigger housing, incorporating a range of features designed for maximum adaptability and convenience. It is complemented by a 50-degree travel ambidextrous safety selector, allowing quick and intuitive fire selector changes. The pistol grip on the UXR is customizable and modular, accepting standard AR-15 pistol grips, allowing users to tailor their grip preferences. The ambidextrous folding buttstock seamlessly attaches to this trigger housing, providing a cohesive and adaptable platform for users who prioritize versatility and ease of use.

The PWS UXR is equipped with a custom TriggerTech 2.5 lbs – 5 lb. adjustable single-stage trigger, a deliberate choice tailored to enhance the firearm’s overall performance. A single-stage trigger, characterized by its seamless and consistent pull until the break point, aligns perfectly with the UXR’s design philosophy. This trigger configuration offers shooters a straightforward and rapid trigger response, making it ideal for dynamic shooting scenarios where quick and precise shots are essential.

The UXR is built with compatibility in mind and most mil-spec drop-in AR15 triggers will work in the rifle. Allowing you to truly customize your rifle in the way that fits your shooting needs.

Why a single-stage trigger?

A single-stage trigger is a preferred choice for many shooters seeking simplicity, speed, and immediate trigger response in their AR-15. Unlike two-stage triggers, which have a noticeable take-up before breaking, a single-stage trigger offers a consistent pull from start to break, eliminating any extra stages in the process. This design is particularly advantageous for dynamic shooting scenarios, where rapid and precise shots are crucial. Shooters appreciate the straightforward nature of a single-stage trigger, as it allows for quick follow-up shots and enhanced control in fast-paced situations. The PWS UXR’s adoption of a single-stage trigger reflects a commitment to providing a responsive and user-friendly platform, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize simplicity and swift trigger action in their shooting experiences.

The TriggerTech drop in Trigger

The custom TriggerTech AR15 Single-Stage drop-in AR trigger sets a new standard with its genuine zero-creep break, minimal overtravel, and an ultra-short sub 0.030” tactical reset, delivering exceptional reliability even in the harshest conditions. Featuring CLKR Technology™, the pull weight can be easily adjusted in precise 2oz increments with the trigger installed, providing shooters with quick and confident customization. With true zero creep, users often perceive the pull weights as approximately 0.5lbs lighter than friction-based triggers of the same measured pull weight, ensuring consistent and dependable performance. The incorporation of Zero Creep Technology™ and robust 440C stainless steel internal components not only offers corrosion resistance but also extends the trigger’s service life. By eliminating the need for coating, polishing, or lubricating key engagement surfaces, this technology ensures unparalleled consistency in trigger pulls from shot to shot, even after thousands of rounds.

Ambidextrous Folding Stock

The UXR stock stands out with its ambidextrous folding design, allowing for both left and right-side folding to accommodate diverse user preferences. This buttstock features essential adjustments, including a cheek riser and length of pull customization. The addition of a cheek riser proves invaluable, providing shooters with the flexibility to mount a wide variety of scopes and optics, ensuring a comfortable and precise sight picture. The adjustable length of pull ensures that the rifle can be tailored to fit nearly any shooter, enhancing overall comfort and control. By utilizing an industry-standard 1913 picatinny rail attached to the trigger housing, the UXR stock not only ensures compatibility with various accessories but also underscores its commitment to providing a modular platform that meets the specific needs of individual users.

Additionally, the UXR’s ambidextrous folding stock not only enhances shooting comfort but also provides unparalleled versatility in storage and transportation. The folding mechanism facilitates a more compact profile, making it easier to carry and store the rifle when not in use, especially in shorter barrel configurations. This adaptability ensures that the UXR remains a convenient and portable firearm, ready for deployment in various scenarios. Whether navigating challenging terrain, transporting in a vehicle, or storing in a limited space, the UXR’s stock configuration allows users to maintain flexibility without compromising on functionality.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 12 × 6 in


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