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Swampfox Optics Blade 1X25 Prism Sight

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Blade is the mission-driven 1x prism scope dedicated for home defense and law enforcement. Blade’s revolutionary Bullet Rise Compensating reticle compensates for optic height over bore at just 5, 10, and 15 yards when mounted on an AR-15. Available with red or green illumination, Blade’s etched reticle appears black when illumination is off. Shake ‘N Wake motion-sensing auto on/off saves battery life and is perfect for home defense. Blade is an excellent choice for shooters with astigmatism who have issues with dot sights. When you need speed and precision at in-your-face distances, trust the Blade.

Close quarters shooters have known for years that “you need to aim a little high up close”. Blade 1x is the first optic to account for this and offer dedicated holds for 5, 10, and 15 yards distance when used on an AR-15 or similar platform. ​

Blade 1x is available in red or green reticle illumination variants. The first two brightness settings, N1 and N2, are night vision compatible. Settings 9 and 10 are daylight bright. ​​

Blade features Shake ‘N Wake motion-sensing illumination technology. After 225 seconds without motion, reticle illumination shuts off to preserve battery life, leaving the etched reticle to remain in black. When the optic is moved even slightly, illumination instantly resumes at the previous setting. ​​

Select your favorite brightness level and put your home defense gun away. If there’s a “bump in the night”, you don’t need to worry about adjusting your optic– as soon as you grab it, Shake ‘N Wake reticle illumination will resume, ready for whatever comes.

Astigmatism or other medical eye issues can make them a poor choice. Blade 1x features a chemically etched reticle and fast focus adjustable ocular lens for a great sight picture even for shooters with imperfect vision. ​

Blade’s reticle won’t “wash out” like red dots can when used together with a bright weapon light at close range. If your lumens overwhelm the illumination, your reticle remains as black silhouette instead of disappearing at the worst possible moment. ​

Blade 1x is optimized for close quarters shooting, but it features the same excellent glass found in our long-range precision optics. Containing rare earth metals, Blade’s glass is fully multi-coated for maximum light transmission, anti-reflection, anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic performance.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
Reticle Color

Amber, Green, Red


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