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Tyrant Designs Magwell for Glock 43X/48 Pistols – Black or Grey


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Guide your loaded magazine smoothly and quickly into the Glock pistol’s grip with the sleek Glock 43x/48 Magwell from Tyrant Designs. Made of 6061 aluminum, and sporting a patent-pending design for the method of attachment, these carefully designed magwells make it so easy that with just a little practice you can load a fresh magazine without ever looking at the pistol. Win competitions or defend yourself better with those added seconds. Works with S15 magazine AND most aftermarket extensions!

Increase your reloading speed

In a competition, it can come down to microseconds. Speed is essential, no matter what the scenario, especially the time-lapse between magazine changes. The enhanced ergonomics of our Glock 43x/48 Magwell will increase your loading speeds. Forward relief cuts provide comfort, and an aggressive funnel ensures your reloads will be quick and successful. You’ll never fumble a magazine change again. In emergency situations, fumbles are the difference between life and death. In those events, these microseconds are even more important, and you never want to question if being faster might help in a self-defense scenario.

How it all works

The magwell attaches using an expanding rubber grommet. This grommet goes inside the small opening inside the bottom of your Glock 43x/48. A few twists of the provided screw and the magwell is on secure, and will remain so over time! The magwell itself flairs out to create a wider opening to guide the magazine into the firearm. Shaped like a funnel, it cuts down on the fumbling and the need for an exact aim to get the magazine into the firearm. Less fumbling equals faster reload speed. Our Glock magwells for the Glock 43x/48 line also improve magazine change consistency.

Designed to improve reloads

Made of high-quality aluminum, these Glock 43x/48 Magwells provide weight to help improve your reloads. This weight also provides balance for your Glock. Never lose parts again with this one-piece design. Retention is more comfortable with a set screw, which is made of anodized aluminum. Functionality and retention are ensured by the underside cuts. Removal of faulty or stuck magazines will never be a problem because of ramp and edge geometry.

Magwells made to fit Glock 43x and Glock 48

Designed to work on all, these Glock Magwells offer the tightest fit in the industry. Our Glock magwell is specifically made for the 43x/48 Model and has a patented method for attachment.

Perfect for everyday carry

The design of these Glock Magwells allows them to be perfect for competition, yet still sleek enough for every day. Because of the high-quality aluminum used, they add little bulk, which means they can still be used for concealed carry. The ergonomic design on these magwells for the Glock 43x/48 also means very little imprinting on your clothes so no one will ever know you are carrying unless you want them to.

If you want to ramp up your magazine change speed, cut down on fumbles, or improve your overall consistency, these Glock Magwells are the way to go. You’ll never worry about those precious seconds spent making magazine change again.

DISCLAIMER: This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by GLOCK. GLOCK does not warrant or represent that this product is compatible with GLOCK pistols.

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Black, Grey


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