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There is no doubt that the AR rifle is one of the most reliable and modular weapons platforms in the world today. In fact, you can configure the AR platform for just about any situation and every possible scenario. Contrary to what many think, the AR family of rifles is every bit as reliable as any comparative rifle platform out there.

The beating heart of this platform is its gas block that bleeds just enough gas to cycle the action time after time, every time. If the gas block doesn’t work properly, you might end up with a bolt action rifle that has to be manually cycled after every shot.  However, as long as you have a high-quality, reliable, and durable gas block in your rifle, you are good to go.  This is the part where Odin Works’ excellent products come into the picture.

Odin Works Adjustable Gas Bocks

This is one of the very best AR gas blocks on the market. It is fully compatible with both unsuppressed and suppressed configurations. It comes equipped with no less than 20 adjustment points that allow the user to take full advantage of the platform’s modularity. You can select whichever setting works best for your current configuration.

You can also change the settings whenever you want, along with the barrel, buffer tube, or anything else. As with most other parts of the AR rifle, this gas block is a very user-friendly component. The good people at Odin Works have thoughtfully provided everything you need with the gas block. The package contains a roll pin and screw set. It also has 3 x hex wrenches that allow easy drop-in installation.

Why Choose Odin Works Adjustable Gas Block?

Many people install SBR sized barrels in their AR 15 rifles and mate them to regular gas blocks. Sometimes, the rounds are overcharged or the holes in the gas block are just not aligned correctly. This means you might end up with blowback squarely on your face every time you fire your AR rifle. Not a fun way to spend your day at the range.

However, adding a gas tuning device such as an Odin Works fully adjustable gas block can eliminate the problem completely. That is if the rifle is within the gas block’s compatibility range. . This way, you will save both yourself and your rifle from continuous punishment. Over gassing puts a lot of stress on just about every working part of your rifle. On the other hand, a well-tuned adjustable gas block can easily reduce the recoil forces and smoothen up the works.

It can also decrease recoil and reduce muzzle flip so that you are always bang on target, shot after shot. Conversely, an unturned system will belch excessive gases, cause FTE issues, blowback, and higher muzzle flip due to higher recoil. It will also abuse the whole system and thereby decreases the life of your precious rifle.


The Odin Works gas block can tune your rifle and help you become a better shooter. It will also decrease excessive fouling and wear and tear of your rifle. Since it has multiple adjustment ports, you can equip all your AR10 and AR 15 rifles with it as long as your rifles have a .750 dia. in the weapon’s gas port area. However, it won’t work with overpressured rounds or pistol-sized gas systems.