The SIG P226 is one of the single most reliable pistols available in the world today. In fact, it won’t be wrong to assert that it’s the standard against which most modern handguns are judged. And no wonder, after all, it was chosen by our most elite unit – the navy SEALs as their official carry weapon for frontline duty.  Since these extremely well trained soldiers are amongst the first to enter a battlefield and the last to leave, it is one of the most battle-proven weapons in existence. 

However, any modern pistol is only as good as its magazine. Indeed, many pistols today suffer from reliability issues because of the low quality of their mags. For example, the spring might become loose due to prolonged usage. The follower can become deformed or it might break. Apart from that, there is the very real danger of magazine lips losing their shape. All of these issues can cause FTFE or ‘failure to feed’ issues, 

However, you can eliminate this ‘Achilles heel’ once and for all, by using an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) mag. Every SIG magazine is built from steel; it is reliable in every situation and not prone to corrosion or rusting. The follower is built from reinforced polymer, and the lips are well defined and solid enough to retain their shape even if dropped. If you load them properly and rotate them once or twice every few months, they will almost certainly last a lifetime. 

Key Features

  • Total capacity: 15 rounds 
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6 × 4 × 2 inches 
  • Manufacturer:  Sig Sauer OEM product
  • Available Colors:  Black, FDE, and OD Green

SIG P226 mags are easy to load either by hand or with a speed loader. Their tough finish doesn’t lose color easily even after prolonged usage. Your OEM Sig P226 magazine is designed to function properly even if the weapon is left loaded for a long time. It will continue to function flawlessly every time you rack the slide and squeeze the trigger. 

These mags will work well regardless of how many times you  load, fire and reload them. Rest assured, you can always rely on your OEM mags and your SIG P226 to be at your side whenever you need to use your weapon, either at the range or in the field.