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Grand Power is finally offering an upgrade to the factory installed polymer sights. These Steel Sights Will Fit Any Grand Power Stribog SP9A1, A2 or A3 Pistol. This set includes both the front and rear sights along with the pins required to hold them in place.

Machined steel flip up sight set for your Grand Power Stribog SP9A1/A2/A3. This is a great drop in upgrade for the original molded plastic sights. Not only are the steel sights much more durable than the molded sights, the front sight in this set is also adjustable for elevation. These are factory sights manufactured by Grand Power in Slovakia. They include new steel detents and a elevation adjustment tool for the front sight.

Steel Construction Flip Up Sight Set
Elevation Adjustable Front Sight
Includes Steel Detents and Sight Tool

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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