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Rosco Manufacturing K9 11.5″ Kinetic Consulting – Patrol-Length Gas w/Tube – 556NATO


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The K9 11.5 offers a proprietary patrol length gas system that is smoother than carbine length, more reliable than mid-length. Features an optimized gas port to run reliably suppressed and/or unsuppressed. The K9 continuous taper is the most effective profile to dissipate heat from hard use. With weight shifted to the back of the barrel, modern attachments on the front of the rifle create a perfectly balanced and better handling rifle. Updated target crown carried over from the Purebred series with improved harmonics, fit and finish. We recommend a minimum handguard length of 10″ with this barrel.

Barrel Length:  11.5″
Barrel Weight:  25.47 oz
Barrel Material:  416R
Barrel Caliber:  5.56
Barrel Profile:  Continuous
Twist:  1/7
Barrel Thread:  1/2 x 28
Barrel Gas Block Size:  0.750
Gas System Length:  Patrol-Length
Barrel Crown:  Recessed Target
Barrel Finish:  Nitride
Barrel Extension Finish:  Nitride

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 4 in


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