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Scalarworks PEAK Sights (Fixed)


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Made for simplicity and practicality, the Scalarworks Peak AR-15 iron sights are the finest available iron sights in the market with world class build quality and extreme accuracy.

Scalarworks Peak Fixed Iron Sights

This iron sight is perfectly made with the latests technology right out of precision CNC machinery, made out of one of the most durable and lightest materials known 7075-T6 Aluminum/4140H Steel this is the perfect combination to create the light and durable iron sight with Type 3 Anodizing/Flash Nitride finish. Peak sights have streamlined profile, smooth levers and knobs that feels nice to the touch and won’t get caught on to clothing and gear.

The human eye intuitively centers on objects within a bright aperture, to prevent this Peak Sights have precision CNC milled apertures that are flat toward the shooter in order to provide highlight-bias free sights.

Whether you are finessing your marksmanship on the shooting range or hunting game, Scalarworks Peak Sights will make sure your shots finds their marks with upmost accuracy.


Fixed Rear:                                           Fixed Front:           

Rails                                                      Rails
7075-T6 Aluminum/4140H Steel           7075-T6 Aluminum/4140H Steel

Finishes                                                         Finishes
Type III Anodizing/Flash Nitride             Type III Anodizing/Flash Nitride

Center height over rail                             Center height over rail 
1.42″                                                               1.42″

Adjustments                                                 Adjustments
0.5 MOA/Click @15″ sight radius           0.5 MOA/Click @15″ sight radius

Adjustment Range                                     Adjustment Range
46MOA windage @ 15″ sight radius     51MOA elevation @15″sight radius

Flip apertures                                              Sight Post
Same-plane 0.07″/0.20″ diameter         0.053″ width – non-rotating

Weight                                                            Weight
1.44oz                                                              0.94oz

Origin                                                               Origin
United States of America                            United States of America

Included                                           Compatibility

Mount                                                              Rails
Scalarworks® Peak™ (SW1020)                MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny

#10-32×1.05″ Nylok® treated

T25 Torx driver bit

Scalarworks Peak/01

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