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Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muff – Black

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With its ultra-compact design, the Razor Slim electronic muffs offer superior hearing protection in a low-profile design. Two hi-gain omnidirectional microphones pick up outside noise and broadcast it through full dynamic range HD speakers for an ultra-clear, balanced sound. Sound activated compression has a blazing fast 0.002 second reaction time to ensure your hearing is always protected. Available in a variety of color options, the Razor Slim electronic ear muffs are priced right and packed full of innovation. 2 Hi-Gain Omni-directional Microphones Full Dynamic Range HD Speakers for Clear, Balanced Sound Low Noise/Frequency Tuned for Natural Sound Clarity Independent Volume Controls Sound Dampening Composite Housing Sound Activated Compression – 0.02 Second Reaction Time Audio Input Jack Recessed Volume Control Knobs Comfortable Headband w/Metal Wire Frame External Battery Door Operates on 2 “AAA” Batteries – Included Item #: GWP-RSEM

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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in


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