Your AR15 platform rifle is only as good as the sum of its parts. If you are looking to customize your AR15, you need a state-of-the-art lower parts kit (LPK) to give you that perfect and consistent trigger pull – shot after shot. You also need an LPK that is virtually impervious to the wear and tear that you put your weapons through, at every range session.  

This is the part where Aero Precision comes into the picture. Its AR15 lower parts kit effectively ensures components of the highest possible quality. All lower parts kits produced by Aero Precision are made to mil-spec dimensions and coating. This is done to ensure as long a service life span as possible. In fact, it is quite likely that your AR15’s Aero Precision LPK just might outlast the barrel and bolt of your rifle.  

Whether you are looking to replace old or faulty parts or trying to customize your trigger pull for a smoother experience, a quality LPK is just what you need. The Aero Precision LPK contains a variety of components that will help you get started on upgrading your AR15

Make Your AR the Aero Precision Way! 

Aero Precision has the experience as well as the expertise to provide you with that perfect kit designed to build your custom AR15 weapon platform. 

After all, the company has been involved in the aerospace sector for a long time. When an organization builds stuff that flies, it understands that there is absolutely no margin for any sort of error. The company takes much the same kind of approach when it comes to building that perfect AR15 platform rifle. Their highly-skilled engineers and workers personally oversee the overall design, development, and machining of individual components that come off the assembly line. 

It’s not just about looks and feeling alone, but more about how the components work and perform together. For this reason, quality control at Aero Precision doesn’t start at the assembly line, but at the holistic level, with the raw materials used, and their processing in a cutting-edge tool shop. One that uses the very latest in machine tooling tech to create components built to last a really long time. 

As they say: “Life is too short to waste on a bad trigger pull.” Don’t let that happen to you. Get an Aero Precision lower parts kit for your latest AR15 build!